Caesars Palace

What's it like being a bellhop at the most famous casino in the world? We collected stories from real Caesars Palace bellhops to find out. A lot of them (ok, most of them) were too racy for TV. But we were able to use a few select experiences to inspire the commercial below.


After the TV spot launched, Caesars was looking for ways to make a splash in the social space. So we came up with Twitter Secret Deliveries

During the summer, our bellhop character would take over the Caesars Palace Twitter handle.

Every week, he'd announce that he was delivering something secret on his cart and tweet a riddle about what the item was.

Followers tweet answers.

The first person to guess correctly using #SecretDelivery would win the item or something inspired by it.

With massive floods of bellhop-related tweets every week, this idea gave Caesars the opportunity to crush the competition and become the most talked about Vegas destination of the summer.

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